An exciting approach that sets us apart.
For children at Alhidayah learning is a journey of discovery and exploration, of imagination and adventure.
There is so much more to learning than rote tasks and isolated skills are why we take a holistic approach that helps to enhance children’s overall development.
Learning at Alhidayah is very hands-on. We encourage children to discover their world through active exploration, helping them reach their full potential by engaging their natural curiosity across five key integrated learning areas:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • H.S.I.E
  • Creative Arts

Our special preschool curriculum is continually evolving, shaped by leading research from child development experts in Australia and around the world. We strive to provide every child in our madrassah with an exciting place to grow and learn.

We provide every child in our care with an exciting place to grow and learn by

  • Providing a happy and nurturing Islamic environment which values individuality and diversity
  • Understanding that children learn through active exploration and interaction with their peers, adults and the environment
  • Forming close partnerships with families and encouraging parents to take part in other programs offered by our other departments.
  • Taking a team approach, where staff are respected as individuals and work in a supportive collaborative Islamic environment
  • Involving our centre in the local community, recognising local Islamic events and inviting others to become involved in our program